Crafting is a learning process

After my disappointing trial with E6000 and getting cocky with hot glue, resulting in a welt on my middle finger…
I took to the Internet to figure it out. I have a pretty extensive circle of friends online who craft, so I knew if I asked, I should receive. My friend who owns “Awesome Blossom Boutique” gave me some awesome advice and a quick break down of how the glue works. As a first class idiot, I did know what she told me but didn’t think about it. Pressure. Constant pressure and time.

What I should be doing is emptying out my canned goods and using them as weights, letting everything set over night. That’s good and all, but so impractical it’s not even funny – at least in my house. I have four toddlers as returning readers know, the youngest is 16 months old and the oldest is 20 months old. They range in height from crawling to evil… Meaning my Padawan can get anything off the counter tops, if its not pushed to the very center. She is the tallest, but only by a hair. (Poor girl, she’s going to be just like her Mom, and they always told me the boys would catch up… No one did until I was in my early twenties… Then my COUSINS and BROTHER many years younger suddenly did. People my age, never did) This results in the kitchen table NOT being a safe place, as well as the counter tops and basically anywhere else in my house. They are free range children… The main floor essentially belongs to them. The basement is the basement, and the top floor is the bedrooms and spare bedroom… Currently we are trying to reorganize the house to maximize the space used and keep things tidy. It’s going… Well… But unless I bring the houses canned goods to the spare room, that just won’t work.

If I was a millionaire I would have a detached, lockable space for my crafts. Heated, with A/C, cable… Okay so maybe I’d have a pool house decked out in style for my craft room and never ever leave. If I was rich I wouldn’t have to, it’s not like that’s going to happen while my kid is young enough to need me, and realistically we’d have won the lotto so Logan would be able to relax with me. In the PERFECT world it would be set up as a joint man cave/craft space.
I guess though, being rich, Logan could have his own man cave in the house with a theater system… I would want mine removed from the rest of the house so I could keep my secret shame, an insanely messy craft room, well…secret. Oh! But being rich I could hire a cleaner JUST for my craft room. She could keep it organized and stocked… And…

See? See how bad I am?!?!?

I would still do trade shows and keep my business going, but I would donate 50% of my profit to the Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation, in honor of Jess.


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