The hippie in me just died a little

I just said something that made the Islander Hippie in me die a little bit.

Talking shop with my husband he was commenting on how little I make for the amount of work I do regarding crafts. As a slight joke I said to him

“Well, I can make these crafts or go back to playing video games 24/7, but no one is paying me to play video games anymore.”

This got me thinking… For three years my entire life revolved around gaming. I worked with PlayStation Canada and had to keep up on all things gaming. I was technically an industry insider. I knew things before the public, it was my job. I literally got paid to play video games not only at home but at store level as well. I was paid to talk shop and know exactly what I was talking about.

It seems like the day I found out I was going to be a Mom games died a little for me. When I stopped working for them I did stop playing, much to Logan’s chagrin. I have since gotten back to my old ways, but no game really holds my attention.

Crafting is back to being my true love hobby, I still love me my video games but crafting is an employable hobby right now. It feels like my time is too valuable to get lost in a game. Maybe it’s just the way my mind is wired. I was always taught if you can turn something into a way to make some money to help the family… Do it. I guess that’s a left over, die hard habit from being poorer then dirt growing up.

It goes hand in hand with things like – I love being around kids, why not make it into a career? Done.

I love crafting and can only have so many displayed or in my hair or my daughters hair, so why not sell them?

I love video games and at the time when I was hired, why not make it a career? I can honestly say if PlayStation came to me today and asked me to work for them again, I would in a split second. I would lament the loss of my gas miser car and having to fill my truck while driving for them. But hey… Paid to play video games again???

Hells yeah.


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