Writing Prompt: Take it from me

Daily Prompt: Take It From Me

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?

Trying to figure out one piece of advice I’ve given out and not followed is probably one of the toughest things to do… Because I tend to give out a lot of advice, and never follow it.

I have had a lot of friends who asked for dating advice, and while I’ve given out a lot of information I know in one area I haven’t followed it. Years ago one of my friends was in an abusive relationship, we lived in the same apartment building right next to each other. A very long story short after he almost broke down my door and dragged her out, gave her massive bruises and… Lets leave it at that, I tried to convince her to leave him. She finally agreed… But never actually left. She is now a Mom to a beautiful daughter and still in a violent domestic relationship.

I myself have been in an abusive relationship and knew it, but didn’t take my own advice. I remember telling her how for her own safety and security she should find a safe place to go, offered her my Mom’s house, had my Mom come down to see her and share her own story… Nothing worked. Looking back I did the same thing. I had a safe place to go, I had friends to speak to and knew all the signs, symptoms and warnings. Knew of the consequences that surround allowing yourself to be in that position… But never left. People made comments to me, but I didn’t listen.

Looking back when I had solid proof that she was in a dangerous environment and he is not born in this country (even isn’t allowed back into the USA due to his history) I should have called the cops and reported something. However that would have made things worse, I think. I’ve always felt horrible about not reporting it. He would have been sent back to Mexico and she would have been safe… But leaving that situation has to be your own choice. She hasn’t made it yet, and hasn’t spoken to me personally since I witnessed the first real event, out of fear, out of shame… I ended up making that choice for myself a long time ago, and it was the best one I ever made. Lots of people don’t however… They stay as happy as they can… But that’s truly no life to lead for yourself or your kids.


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