2012 from the Mommy side of things

When I think of 2012, I can’t even remember how the year started.

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Product Review – White-O-Occoli

When I found out about White-o-Coccoli *because being unique is awesome!* I immediately fell in a deep love with the ladies designs and products.
I purchased a few of her first line, customized spoons made from bamboo, a highly green, anti microbial, adorable! Renewable resource.
My daughters name is not the most common name going, and we knew picking that name the chances of us ever finding an item with her name on it at a store was slim to none. So being able to customize what I wanted on each spoon was a huge plus! Normally it’s $5-10 to get an item customized when you purchase it, but with White-O-Coccoli the normal un customized spoon is only a dollar less then the fully customized version!

This lady hand burns into each spoon a name, message or whatever your little heart desires. The taller spoons (the originals) are perfect for some many things but one of the things I love is the fact that they float. I’m a tea drinker, also a stirrer, and most of my mugs are novelty mugs that are far too tall for normal spoons, metal spoons. With my OCD I have to wash my hands after each time I grab the spoon if my hand touches the liquid, but like I said her spoons float! It’s always at the top ready to grab!

They are also anti microbial so they resist most bacteria if they say, get left in a bowl of cereal, your safe! Or if they are left in a dirty sink…

I currently own over ten of her “classic” spoons and have bought one for each member of my family for a Christmas present in 2011, over 50 spoons. The best part is you can afford to do just that!

We also have about ten of the new style mini spoons, perfect for my dayhome kids, each name (and they are some odd ones!) is put onto the spoon so everyone always knows who’s is who’s!

I am very excited to get my hands on some of her new product line released very recently, as always her focus is on being green and good for our kids.

For the price and quality of the products I cannot think of any other company to recommend more highly then White-O-Occoli for all your tableware needs. The owner regularly goes over board helping out those around her by donating and raising funds for those in need in her local area and abroad, this is one small business that will continue to grow and help nurture the community that allows her to flourish.

If anyone would like to find out more about these amazing products please go to her –


Facebook page

I will be following up with a review on her newest product line in the New Year! I have not included many photo’s of the spoons in my collection as they all have either my kids or the day home kids names on them and wish to respect both my husbands and kids privacy!

Watching the younglings play

Watching my kids play together is probably one of the most interesting things to ever happen. As a writer I look at them playing and try to figure out what’s going through their heads. It’s like having living breathing characters to watch and record. People watching used to be one of my favorite past times because it gave me ideas for my writing. Continue reading

Random thoughts

She’s so big now looking at pictures it’s hard to remember the days when she couldn’t hold her head up. I’m simply astonished looking at the pregnancy pictures. It’s something I haven’t done in awhile, but it reminded me of bigger days, yes, even bigger then now. Something I didn’t think possible, and more stressed out days.

If I thought lately things were tough… Looking at those pictures sure helped! Colic was not kind to us and many nights I cried wondering if she would ever stop. So maybe the days when she’s whining, communicating in her own toddler way, it’s not so bad. I always tell the kids patience is a virtue I know they have yet to master, but I should remember that myself.