Watching the younglings play

Watching my kids play together is probably one of the most interesting things to ever happen. As a writer I look at them playing and try to figure out what’s going through their heads. It’s like having living breathing characters to watch and record. People watching used to be one of my favorite past times because it gave me ideas for my writing. With the kids they interact differently with each other and each toy.

My Padawan got hit bad by her Daddy’s and I’s OCD bug, and while its a little scary and I worry for her, it’s one of the cutest things ever. She will have a screaming fit if one of her dollies hat is off. I kid you not, you would think its the end of the world if this damnable doll doesn’t have it’s little toque on. She likes to have things lined up properly, she has all the little… Twitches that her Dad and I both do. She doesn’t enjoy her hands being dirty/sticky/mucky, or having her hair brushed a certain way. No joke, it’s the terrible twos and a little mini us mixed together. Sometimes I wonder exactly how my parents survived me if we are as alike as everyone says. I keep hoping she’ll be more like her Dad… The supposedly perfect child. However this little golden apple did not fall far from her Mommy’s tree.

With the Padawan and the little man she tends to go to his level, simplifying her play to match his skills. He is the youngest in the house at currently, 17ish months old. He prefers to crawl instead of walking, even though we know he can, and is still just a little kid compared to the rest of them. The Padawan has always been really advanced for her age, she’s been walking since about 9-10 months and nothing stops her. Little man is 2 months younger then her and is a world apart at this time. He has his strengths, just like all the kids, but I love watching the others interact with him the most I think. It’s really neat to see how they change their play to include him, we are a no man left behind kinda house.

They chase each other around, when its just the two of them my baby girl will crawl to chase him, if she’s running she’ll actually stop and wait for him to catch up. It’s adorable!

The Padawan and the big man are I think, best of friends. They both go out of the way to help each other out, and actually I’ve noticed they are better with toys together then anyone else. He’ll have something she wants, she’ll trade him for it… Instead of just taking the damn thing.


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