2012 from the Mommy side of things

When I think of 2012, I can’t even remember how the year started.

I remember 2011 started with a pregnant woman winning tickets to a rave… So went to town, ate the free meal, stayed in the free hotel and watched the fireworks, purposefully missing the concert. In all honestly going to a DeadMau5 concert with 5,000 people at 8 months along was NOT our idea of a good time. But…free food at a restaurant I could never in a million years afford, and a free hotel? Yes please!

That’s when Logan introduced me to the Natalie Portman Rap. We watched The Fifth Element…it was a perfect night and our first NYE together.

But 2012?
I have no idea. I think, THINK being the key word… We fell asleep at 9pm or 10pm. Our Padawan was almost a year old so we can’t really use that excuse… But… It wasn’t very exciting. I’m sure at the time sleep was exactly what we needed, so it was worth it.

This year we have no plans again. Baba works and is sick, I have kids today but not tomorrow thank god.

The first thing that pops into mind from 2012 was when Logan gave me my (how to put this without sounding like a teenager) promise ring. For my birthday he got me a ton of cool stuff, but he also got us a set of matching silver bands for place holders until we got married. I’ll never forget how cute and nervous he was!

We also had our first birthday party in 2012… Full of family, laughter and joy.

My Best Friend Nat had her baby girl.
My Best Friend Ash got pregnant with her second child!
We lost what would have been our second child, but everything happens for a reason, even though reasons constantly change…

It was a fairly big year for Cold Lipstick’s Garden as well… Full of some great ups, and seemingly huge feelings of down. Lost some (not) friends this year, the honest side of this town and the lacking of honesty in this town.

I had my first trade show and charity fundraiser for the Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation and words cannot describe how good it felt to help them out.

I did my largest trade show ever with over 80,000 people in attendance.

But all in all…

I’m happy 2012 is over. The entire year has felt more like a whimper then a bang. It was a year of giving up and reinventing. Sometimes I’m not sure exactly what I gave up to reinvent.

Quiet realizations are worse then the sudden ones.


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