Overstimulated and exhausted.

Lately, I’m a little over whelmed and over stimulated.

I have so many projects kicking around in my head its unbelievable, but when the Padawan goes to sleep… I just want to follow suit. I can’t be burnt out… It feels like I haven’t done anything, well, other then be a Mom and care provider. Doing that just seems to sap the life out of me lately. I have no motivation what so ever, and with only a few orders trickling in at this point, it’s not like I can even use that. Add into the equation I feel like I’m spreading my “brand” too thin. Do I focus on one project and only sell items that fall into that category? Or do I branch out and expand? I used the name ” Cold Lipstick’s Garden ” because a garden has a great many different plants in it. No restrictions.

Bah. Bah Humbug. I should just make things out of the sheer joy of creating, and normally I do, but…


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