What glue is good glue??

A warning to anyone using E6000 glue, it’s apparently blowing out the bottom of the container, meaning its been taken off the shelves. So grab what E6000 you have and HORDE that stuff!!!

However, if you find yourself needing to try a different glue, here is what I would recommend and what I use it for personally. In a few installments so please bare with me!

My number one go to glue for everything and anything. I purchased a massive bottle when I very first started making bottle caps and I’m only halfway through the bottle. It dries clear, fairly quickly (depending on the thickness of coat it will vary between minutes and hours) and like the name suggests it welds it down.


-Quick drying depending on the thickness of coat.
-Easy to clean when wet.
-Easy to get off hands by simply rubbing them.
-Dries clear. (The glue will be visible, but will be clear)
-Great price.
-Easy to get at your local hardware store for cheaper then Michaels.
-Can be used sparingly (Not that I ever do…)
-Offers minor structure while drying to hold things up.

-Doesn’t dry completely clear. You can see where the glue is, even though its clear.
-Doesn’t self level so I don’t recommend it as a top coat or resin setting.
-When used sparingly it can dry almost too quickly, and when drying looks like any regular white glue.

Matte Finish
Great hold

This is one glue I think every crafter needs in his or her tool box! I have the squeeze lid but normally grab a paint brush and have more control over the thickness and exact location.


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