Note- This entry will be private until the announcement is made/After 12 weeks.

Well. It happened again. Logan and I are going to be parents of two little kids. It’s very exciting but just like last time more then terrifying. I don’t think you ever get over the unplanned “Oh my God” moment when that test goes positive.

With our first born, The Padawan’s test went positive very quickly, but I didn’t have the cheat sheet to tell me what meant what. So after some frantic googling and waking my poor mother up, I had my answer. (I was living at home since my lease had just expired and I couldn’t find a new place in time. I was also thinking of going back to school…) It’s amusing to mention the local doctors office in my small town couldn’t get me in to see my family doctor before Thursday (test taken Monday) but when I was living in Cow Town my doc saw me as soon as the doors opened.

This time when those magic lines appeared quicker then one could think possible!! I had both a heart attack and jumped for joy.

I don’t feel like writing more at the moment. But all I can say… Is I hate saltines.



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