It’s waaay too early to even really be thinking of this, but I know one item I will be bringing with me to the hospital in Sept/Oct 2013.

A freaking inflatable donut. If this youngling is anything like its sister… I’m going to be in some major pain and the swelling… Oi. Ladies, if you haven’t had kids turn away now. After I gave birth I made the mistake of looking down, and saw the horseshoe clam that used to be me.

I’ll probably bring gifts for my nurses this time as well, last time one literally saved my life, and they deserve more than a thank you I’m pretty sure I didn’t mumble out.

I think I’m more afraid of the labour this time. Will I rip again? Will my placenta come out all the way again or…? If I can avoid it I want to avoid getting induced, and will get the epi a LOT sooner instead of forcing myself to suffer and suck back a tank of laughing gas.

Last time… I was in labour from April 24th at 3:30pm until April 27th 7:54pm. Let that sink in.

The Padawan was juuust under ten pounds, and early. I start to panic thinking of going through labour again actually. It’s scarier then any other aspect if this pregnancy.

Logan and I have decided not to find out the sex of this baby. I’m not sure if that’s going to last for me, but I shall try!
I am nervous that if we have another girl I’ll have gender disappointment, and would rather be prepared for that. However if we have another girl… We won’t need to buy a single thing. If its a boy, well I am glad I know how to sew and can sew a carseat and stroller cover.

I’m freaking out. Man.

What I learned from the Padawan’s Birth


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