Surviving the Walkers with a baby PT 1

Recently I read a really well done little joke blog entry on how to survive a zombie event with a young baby. It was cute, but as an overly obsessive survivor I had to finally write out my game plan since I found out about the Padawan.

Of course this is all 100% in fun, a giant joke… But it never hurts to be prepared.

On Sept 9th 2010 we found out about the Padawan. So 2012 was still a looming date to fear for someone who jokingly, seriously believed in some form to bring the end of the world in some form or another.

My first thought? “Kid’ll be … Two ish… That’s not so bad.” But now that we are pregnant with number two and the world could end any day, and I am conveniently allowing the baby to be born before the world ends, here’s my plan.

Baby backpacks! Obviously not on your strongest member, lets face it, you need your strongest protecting the group.
Something with great neck support, so forget the slings hippies. Those bend spines just in day to day, not to mention the moving and running you need to do. They are safely rated for the baby to be up to 26lbs and after that you can reinforce them with some duck tape.


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