Thoughts on a hot summer day

Where I am in Northern Alberta; the weather is fickle. Last week or the week before we had a little mini blizzard, but today it’s 30*C out! When people joke that Canada has winter a solid nine to ten months a year, they are talking about my area.

It wasn’t always like this for me… I moved to this desert about six or seven years ago from an area that is technically a rainforest. The weather never dipped below 2*C and never got above 25*C, usually as a teenager/child I could wear pants all year round, and often lamented that fact.

This summer may just boil me to a crisp, I write this as I sit out on my new deck, lounging in the sun, pregnant – already starting to get fairly big. So far this weather isn’t so bad, it’s hotter then the blazes of hell, but I’m loving it. At least when it’s hot you can sit in a cool pool, go swimming, move to the shade or put the sprinkler on and enjoy being outside. When it’s cold… Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m cold blooded but I can’t deal with it. No matter how many layers I put on, I’m still cold. When the wind picks up and cuts to the bone you can’t hide from it.

The only thing that could make this moment better, is a Bellini, but being pregnant I’ve already downed my allotted amount of slurpee for the day, so a nice, tall, clear glass of water suits me just peachy.

One thing I am going to miss this season is being on the bike, pregnant I just won’t risk getting on the motor cycle, maybe if the belly hadn’t started to grow it would be a different story, but 18 weeks pregnant is just stupid to get on the back. It breaks my heart it truly does, but I’ll do anything for my Padawan’s. I’ll miss anything for the safety of my pregnancy, more so after all the hell this little bean has put me through.


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