Dear Darling Daughter #2

Dear little Padawan;

Your hair right now, if you have any, is stark white. I wonder, will you be a dirty blond like your sister and I? A redhead like your Daddy was born and then go brown? Will those pretty little eyes that are fused shut right now be bright blue like your Daddy and Sister? Will you be another mutant like them, my own little X-Men team while Mommy is a non-mutant hazel eyed “normal”?

Will you have big cheeks like your sister and I? Or have big cheeks that eventually slim down like Daddy? Will you be the spitting image of your Father or be another little mini me? Your sister has Dad’s personality and Mom’s looks, will you be the same or different?

I know you’ll be your own person through and through, but we’ve got 19 weeks and 5 days to go before we meet you and my mind is buzzing with questions!

When we get the 3D ultrasound done we will have a clearer image of you, just like we did with your sister, but that is still at least 7 weeks away! We got to watch her suck her thumb, smile at the camera and generally be the little princess she is. Will you give us a show? Will you be more outgoing like me? Or reserved and shy like Daddy?

Your sister is becoming the little dancer, she showed it even in ultrasounds the way she moved her feet. That my darling Padawan, is mostly from your Daddy. While Mommy danced, she didn’t do it for nearly as long as Daddy did. He danced for 14 years, Mommy was lucky if she got 4 years done. Will you be a dancer like your sister and Daddy? Will you be a little artist like them as well? Or will you use words to paint your pictures like me?

My little girl I can’t wait for you to develop your own personality and watch it grow. Watch you become your own person like your sister.

You two are my little girls, and while I may compare you each frequently I know you are each your own person, and would never want you to be “More like your sister” or take a page from her book. You are your own person, from the moment you were conceived you have been unique. You always will be, but yes, Mommy will always note any similarities between the two of you, it’s only natural.



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