Homemade Baby Wipes

I’m one of those “Always on Pinterest” moms. It’s a mix of for the home and to get inspiration for my crafts, but lately more for the Padawan and the little Stark.

(Full ingredient list and tips on where to find each item at the bottom)

The little Stark has super sensitive skin. More so then the Padawan ever had! It drives me bonkers! Maybe it’s something to do with the difference between cloth and disposable diapers – the Padawan we used “Happy Nappy” Diaper service but as fantastic as it was… It was fairly expensive! So in hopes in helping both our family’s household budget and her little behind, I started to make my own baby wipes recently. Hopefully using less chemicals will cause less irritation on her little self.

For handmade wipes I cut a roll of paper towel in half with a bread knife, a little difficult and a little messy, be prepared to use some muscle!

Then I mixed a table spoon of Coconut Oil, baby oil, baby shampoo and liquid vitamin E into 2 cups of hot water.

Since Coconut oil has a very low melting point it’s easy for it to go from the solid in your cupboard into the liquid state, but if your water isn’t hot enough microwave it for about 30 seconds and then let it sit.

Once it’s melted down, simply swish it around to make sure it is mixed well, put the paper towel into the container and let it sit upside down until the liquid is completely absorbed.

If you feel the wipes are not moist enough, add more water as needed.

Our wipes lasted about a week before I had to make a fresh batch, so we didn’t have any mold issues. If you are concerned with the wipes molding however add some tea tree oil to give it a longer shelf life.


“Ingredients” Tips

Baby Shampoo
I used the Equate brand baby shampoo that we use for our eldest daughter, and only a minuscule amount. I didn’t actually measure anything out but I would say less then a teaspoon would be enough.

Baby Oil
Straight regular baby oil, approximately one teaspoon.

Coconut Oil
I buy it in bulk at Bulk Barn for various uses around the house, it’s fantastic for cracked skin, cooking, even aids in milk production for Breast feeding moms. It actually also helps with sore crackled nipples.
With this project I used a tablespoon.

Vitamin E Oil
I believe I purchase it at the local health foods store for under $10, and use a full dropper.

Paper Towel
I’ve heard Bounty works best, however I’ve used a few different brands with success.


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