Late at night when the family sleeps…

I’ve got the warm body of Logan semi snoring on my right. The little body of our youngest to my left. The cat sleeping on my side, yes. My side.

Lately I haven’t been sleeping well. If it’s too many ideas circling around in my head or just insomnia starting to come back who knows. In all honesty it’s 50/50 for both. So many orders to fill, so many new projects I want to start and no true outlet for them at this time. Coupled with a … Is it possible? Genetic predisposition towards being up all night and you have me. Always awake.

The days are short, never enough time to do all that I want. But night time… The night is long. Uselessly so. If I didn’t share my crafting space and the bedroom it would be different. It isn’t fair to keep Logan up all night while I work when he needs to be up early.

I have two full time jobs. One is being a Mom first and foremost. The second is my growing business. Finding the balance is difficult some days. With no one to really talk to about it at home it’s even harder. When someone dismisses your hopes and dreams as a hobby or thinks it’s silly… What can you say? When someone flat out tells you they don’t want to hear about it – are sick of hearing about it… What do you do? Shut it down and internalize it?

When you do that you end up in a cycle… Not being able to sleep because you have too much on your mind… Yet no one to talk to about it.


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