Old memories

Watching a new anime with Logan brought up some odd nostalgia.

When we first met, I was riding in the back of a warthog. A n00b in every sense of the word for online gaming. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been gaming since I was old enough to figure out how the controller worked. I cut my teeth on the Coleco Vision and Nintendo. I snuck out of bed to play Super Nintendo. But the most I had ever played online until 2007 was counter strike with my friends and that usually ended badly for me.

Logan was a friend of friend and it was November 20th 2007, Halo 3’s launch night. I was gunning from the back of a warthog and he started driving for me when my driver got himself killed. I don’t remember it too clearly but I’m *pretty* sure we killed everything in our path. That was the beginning of the end for everything, over the next few years we slowly became completely inseparable. He saved my heart when it needed it, and I’m pretty sure I saved his when he needed it. He may have even saved my life.

Watching Sword Art Online made me remember all the good times. (Not that we are not still loving the good times we are in now, they are just different, awesome, times.)

To me it’s not that weird that over the course of two years, two people who have never met can fall deeply in love.
We also had a force trying to keep us apart, we also fought real life to get together and stay together. Obviously not a psychotic GM bent on becoming a God. But sometimes real life is stranger then fiction.

I remember seeing him for the first time. I remember that first real contact and insane awkwardness. I can pinpoint the exact second I knew I wanted to be with him forever.

Mushy mushy but hey. It’s late. I’m wired for sound. I get odd when this happens.


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