The only award that matters…

Last year, when the Geekies were announced I considered entering my work.

However at that time I wasn’t ready. I knew this, I made a few items and looked at them, then looked at what my fellow crafters had made for this amazing award, and decided against it. I would take a year and ramp up my skills, ramp up my creations to a level I would be confident in them getting anywhere within the judging. Make something grand, something amazing.

I’m glad I waited. Last year at this time I wasn’t in the same space I am now. Crafting was more my hobby and the Garden wasn’t fully formed. This year… Everything is in place. The skills I’ve perfected, the hours I’ve dedicated… They will pay off.

I’m so excited to finish my portfolio. I’m terrified and having a George McFly moment today as everything is now officially open for submissions… But this can be nothing but amazing.



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