Do you sing to the kids?

The little Stark sometimes can be a handful. Only rarely though when she is utterly exhausted and fighting sleep with every ounce of her little being.

When this happens I usually bust out the off key lullabies.

We had a major family get together today and when I say major… I mean we had over 200 blood relations in the local (not to me anymore, I traveled 1,100km with the Padawan and little Stark) community hall. So the poor kids just got totally overwhelmed and well… Over freaking whelmed. All I can say is thank goodness for Baby-wearing.

Trying to get the little Stark settled ended up meaning I had exhausted the entire knowledge of my favorites, my go to song is “Leave no body but the baby” YouTube video here. but I change it up considerably. Basically I use the repeating parts and since having our second I use “You and me and your sister makes three… Don’t need no body but my babies.”

I first watched “O brother where art thou” when it was released on DVD. I fell in love with the music, a style I had been listening to since birth but had never defined. Now, it had a name. It had faces. It had a sway to it and that song (No body but the baby) in particular stuck with me.

The lullabies of my childhood I couldn’t bring myself to sing to my Padawan. My Nana sang to me “Go tell Aunt Rosie” – a song with the line “The goslings are crying, because their momma’s dead.” “You are my sunshine” I usually sing to the girls, but “Hush little baby” bothered me… When I was growing up my Mom said “Papa” vs Dad because I don’t really have a dad. Not one worth singing about at least. But my Papa, Grandpa, was amazing. The materialistic side of that song though now… It just rubs me wrong.

My Padawan, the “three-ager” tells me to shhhhh if I randomly start to sing to her but we’ve made up our own songs. It doesn’t rain in YEG. So we do –

It’s snowing, it’s snowing,
Daddy is a shoveling!
He bumped his head
On the foot of his bed
And couldn’t get up in the morning.

She actually gets mad when I sing “Twinkle twinkle” because it’s wrong. She has her own version and that’s what we do.

Actually… Cute little side note… The Padawan sings to her sister. I’ve asked her since she was born as a way of helping them interact to sing to her to sooth her. So she does,

“Stark don’t cry…
Stark don’t cry…”

On repeat and it actually works!

Do you sing to your kids? Do your kids sing to you?


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