Random Writing during a depressed bout

She felt so alone, yet was surrounded by people.

She felt so lost, yet knew where she was.

She felt so unloved, yet knew she was loved.

Her brain told her one thing, reality was completely different. Watching a world full of seemingly normal people was starting to become almost too much to bear. She felt as if the world was on her shoulders yet knew it was self-imposed and could not say a word. Nothing felt right anymore and she didn’t know how to fix it. All she knew was she did not want this life anymore, but she loved her family. Loved their happiness and didn’t want to destroy that. They needed her. She needed to figure out what was wrong with herself.


She worked so hard to get to where she was but she didn’t want this life.

She didn’t want this pain.

She wanted it all to end

But was both a coward and stronger than that.


Everything in life was just a big muddled mess. She simply didn’t know what to do. The very feelings she had confused her even more. Everything seems so pointless. Yet full of prospect.