Late at night when the family sleeps…

I’ve got the warm body of Logan semi snoring on my right. The little body of our youngest to my left. The cat sleeping on my side, yes. My side. Continue reading


Working from home

When someone says “I work from home” normally you think of direct sellers. Avon, Mary Kay or ladies who wear too much jewelry from Fifth Avenue so they are a walking billboard. Okay maybe that’s the “older” generation of home business… Now it seems like everyone and their dog sells health and wellness products, Skinny Fiber, It Works, even spray tanners are direct selling out of the home. Continue reading

Imitation = flattery?

This morning I got three phone calls and a message about someone copying my designs for Cold Lipstick’s Garden this has happened before, once, and I sucked it up knowing the person was far away from me, and really I was just starting out so it didn’t bother me as much.

Now that I have put a lot of time and energy into the composition of my flowers, nit picking every single detail because, well, I’m like that. I don’t want to put my name on something, even to give it away, if it doesn’t meet the standards I would put on something I bought for my Padawan. Now that I have put what sometimes feels like my very soul into my company I take pride…. And great offense to people copying my designs.

Idiot. Pure lunacy…

I’m an idiot. Pure and simple. Completely bloody crazy.

Not only am I thinking of taking on another kiddo but I also am planning a massive trade show in March before Easter.

F. Emphatically F’d.

Why do I do these things??? I already have 12 tables sold, not bad for first twenty minutes of planning, but still… Ack.

My husbands going to kill me.

Oh yeah. Instead of working on that I’m blogging. I’m screwed in the head.