You are so vile.
The way you come up…
The way you taste…
Everything about you is wrong.
Bile. You are. So very vile.

Ode to morning sickness


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Mother Nature knows the score.

After my long winded rant the other day/few weeks ago, I feel like I should update anyone who reads this on what’s going on. I’ll admit it’s been hard to write or focus lately, and I’ve been so angry nothing comes out right. Continue reading


Watching the younglings play

Watching my kids play together is probably one of the most interesting things to ever happen. As a writer I look at them playing and try to figure out what’s going through their heads. It’s like having living breathing characters to watch and record. People watching used to be one of my favorite past times because it gave me ideas for my writing. Continue reading


Random thoughts

She’s so big now looking at pictures it’s hard to remember the days when she couldn’t hold her head up. I’m simply astonished looking at the pregnancy pictures. It’s something I haven’t done in awhile, but it reminded me of bigger days, yes, even bigger then now. Something I didn’t think possible, and more stressed out days.

If I thought lately things were tough… Looking at those pictures sure helped! Colic was not kind to us and many nights I cried wondering if she would ever stop. So maybe the days when she’s whining, communicating in her own toddler way, it’s not so bad. I always tell the kids patience is a virtue I know they have yet to master, but I should remember that myself.



I think I’m setting up my daughter to be a spoilt little one.

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